Binge! Network Solutions provides networking and physical infrastructure solutions with integrity, clarity and honesty.


With over 30 combined years of experience in network cabling, I.T. services, and audio visual solutions, Binge! aims to be your personalized solution for commercial structured cabling and low voltage installations. Our clients are general contractors, small and large businesses, nonprofits, and IT managers. We pride ourselves on treating our clients with respect and having clear communication throughout the entire project—from bid to completion.

So how are we different from every other structured cabling company?

We pride ourselves on two things: relationships and the quality of our work.

Binge! was launched because two best friends found themselves with a unique set of skills and abilities that provides incredibly valuable services for businesses of all sizes. Here’s the reality: without clear communication and transparency, your relationships with contractors are always going to be unfulfilling and leave you wanting more. 

The quality of our work speaks for itself. We do things the right way the first time. We complete projects the way we said we were going to: period. We only use high quality products from reputable brands. And the most important part is that we communicate openly and honestly with our clients…every step of the way.

Joe Bartucca
Joe BartuccaCEO
Joe had a unique background, entrepreneurial personality, and passion for the intersection of strategy and creativity.
Dan Jepson
Dan JepsonCIO
Dan has over 15 years experience in information technology, audio visual systems and cable installation. He has a unique approach to problem solving and brings a wealth of knowledge to any project.


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